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I’m Leslie, certified Life and Health coach and horticulturist. 

Here is what I know about you: You have been ready to change things for a while.  You are here because it's time for you to build energy both physically and mentally. You, like everyone else, have followed the path that was laid before you. Gotten educated and built a wonderful family and career. You are a successful, goal-oriented person with a great life.  But you feel lost, like something is missing. That your path is coming to an end and you are ready to start your next adventure. Perhaps your children have all moved out and you want to find that next spark for your life. Maybe you have let your weight catch up with you and you can’t seem to feel like yourself in your own body. Whatever it is, you don’t like it. You don’t feel like you, and you have found your way here on your search to fix that. What’s stopping you from starting right now! Let’s go!

You can "Be the Person You Want to Be".

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